Sunday, January 29, 2006


I'm drawing a blank this week. I have no idea what the theme should be. What do you want to see? Drop me a line.


Ann Alsex said...

Why don't you go with the last option on your poll. BRING ON THE COCK!!!:D

Extremist said...

Why don't you remove Helene Rask from the Swedish model wallpapers as she's Norwegian. :)

Crazy Dan said...

Show me the cock!

Quiet Liberal said...

Some inspiration! She sure as hell inspired me this morning!!!

Tina said...

Show me some hot flight attendants or some mcdonalds employees. How's that? Good?

Big D said...

Ann: We all know you love the cock!

Extremist: Did not know that. Will do. Know any hot Norwegians.

Crazy Dan: We all know you love the cock!

Queit_Lust: Yeah she's hot. But waht to go with Houswifes, or Midwestern girls.

Tina: McDonald's girls? Umm... I'll see what I can find.