Monday, January 23, 2006

Winterfresh Snowcore Tour

I was in the bathroom puking blood and Ed was having sex with an ugly fat chick... That would be the ending to the Winterfresh Snowcore Tour. The story begins at Breezy's house as myself and Ed go over and deliver the unfortunate news that she is the designated driver. That was not easy news to break to her, but after a few bruises we accomplished the task. Don't worry the doctor said I would be fine and gave me a few painkillers to numb the pain. Breezy was feeling a little guilty about making me go to the hospital so she took us to my favorite family dining restaurant, Hooters. After five or six pitchers of cold beer we realized that we were late and had missed the opening band. Breezy loads our drunk ass's in the car and proceeds to set a new speed record on I-40. Jesus must have heard Ed's prayers for we arrived more or less intact. Here are the bands as I remember them.

Did not make it but the beer and scenery was nice.

Made it in time for one song but it was kinda blurry. What I heard sound a lot like anal rape at the local prison.

Revolution Theory
The music was not that good but the devastation me and Ed caused during the show was outstanding. Together we managed to cripple two people and make a dozen more feel our vengeance in the pit.

This bands music is really more catered to the female persuasion but the tunes were good even if the singer looked like a homosexual. I believe Ed enjoyed this band the most since he was feeling up all the crowd surfers. I myself was having a good time throwing them up in the air. Let it be known that I hate crowd surfers but love throwing them up in the air and watching them land on some poor shmucks head.

Dark New Day
I was looking forward to seeing this band live unfortunately they sucked so I took out all my hatred on the people around me. Then those damn crowd surfers started up again. Being on the edge of the pit, as I was, one landed on my shoulder. Seeing as how I hate crowd surfers and there was nowhere for him to go but into the pit I took the skinny bastard and power bombed him into the pit. I am sure I heard something break.

The beer and the adrenaline had worn off by now so I had to be led off to pasture the rest of the night. But this band was the best of the night. They really know how to put on a show.

What can I say about them they kick ass but if you have seen one Seether show you have seen them all. If you have not seen one it is defiantly worth seeing.


Tina said...

Love Hinder, Seether and Shinedown. All excellent stripper songs.

Imagine a hot red-head dancing to their songs and stripping down to nothing.

Make them better for ya?

I added your link finally. Sorry for the delay

:P fuzzbox said...

I saw the show at a different venue and your assessment of the bands match my own. Hinder, Seether, and Shinedown rocked. To say that Flyleaf sounded like anal rape might be giving them to much credit. At least anal rape would probably sound somewhat human, while Flyleaf sounded like animal mutilation.

The Phoenix said...

I would think that anal rape would sound just like animal mutilation.

Big D said...

And Crazy Dan has a thing for red heads!

Breezy said...

does he now?

Big D said...

Weren't you a red head last week?

Breezy said...

nope...musta been some other red head you're thinking of...

Crazy Dan said...

Stop bickering you two kids, Big D you know Breezy is the only one for me. And Breezy you know that your the only woman for me no matter what your hair color is.

Big D said...

Like you can tell what color her hair is going to be next week.