Monday, January 09, 2006


Damn, I'm, about to tell one of those in my day stories. I'm only 26 it's not like I'm 40, but what the fuck is up with all this PC shit. When I was in high school and we played or I even talked to anyone from a school in the north of the county I always laughed at them and called them a bunch of Pig Fuckers. That was our chant when we played Patton Springs "PIGGGGG FUCKERSSSS! SUUU WEEEEEE!" I guess you can't do that anymore. At least in Wisconsin because school officials are apologizing for a chant that fans started at a basketball game. Apparently Middleton high school is a fairly wealthy school and they played their inner city rival making up some quite hilarious shit talk, by chanting "food stamps, food stamps" and "Os-car May-er" during a game against Madison East. Didn't seem to help as they lost by 11. Still it's all in good fun. I mean should you judge Patton Springs just because a few students love pigs on an intimate level?


:P fuzzbox said...

Has anyone said that you are a bit twisted today or am I the first?

Big D said...

you're the first

Master Foley said...

of course not