Thursday, July 21, 2005

Back to Normal

Fantastic 4 soundtrack - This could possible be the worst soundtrack ever put together. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to it. I think they took 4 people with different musical taste and said Hey, we need 16 tracks go find some it doesn't matter if they mesh or not.

House of Wax Soundtrack - Where Fantastic 4 just piled some shit together House of Wax seemed to have a plan, Heavy. House of Wax has some established songs such as Minerva from the Deftones and Prayer from Disturbed. It has also has some established musicians that frequent on Heavy Metal soundtracks such as Marilyn Manson and new comers My Chemical Romance. My favorite track Path to Prevail by Bloodsimple is hardcore. This song is take no prisoners metal at it's finest. Overall not a bad soundtrack, there are defiantly some good tunes on it.

Strange News / Celebrity Crap:

Sexy actress Isla Fisher has been approached by numerous nymphomaniacs since the release of her racy comedy Wedding Crashers to confide that they relate to her character. The actress had this to say. "That's when I suddenly feel the need to walk away from this person. Clearly there are a lot of Glorias out there, so men beware." Nymphomania is no laughing matter and should be taken seriously. If you have a problem with Nymphomania please share your experiences with us. You can help others thru your openness.

Staying on topic a pair of homeless people was caught having sex on the top of a school building. The pair tried to flee when the copes caught them in the rear.... of the building. Proving once again if the homeless can get laid so can you.

Anna Anna Anna Nicole, you're so outrageous.

After slamming shots and nerve pills at a bar in South Carolina Anna Nicole decided to enter a wet t-shirt contest with those huge fake boobies she has. No word on what she placed. Then she continued drinking and by night's end the boyfriend, Larry tried to calm her down she smacked him in the face. Then after slamming some more shots she decided that she needed to slam something else and started kissing on girls. In a fit or remembrance she began dry humping some old man, who she left with. Many of Anna's Fans still have questions. How elderly was this man? Did she supply the Viagra? Why is Anna so attracted to old penis?

I heard Devil's Rejects comes out this weekend. I usually don't judge a movie before it comes out, however, in this situation I am. DO NOT watch see this movie. Rob Zombie should stick to metal his last movie proved him to be incompetently unimaginative. House of a Thousands Corpses may have been worse then Napoleon Dynamite. I so wanted to walk out on Rob's piece of shit movie, but I was with my brother who was looking forward to this movie. After it was over we both looked at each other and asked why the other didn't get up and leave. I've never been to a movie with the response this one got. People booed and absolutely no one had a good thing to say about it. So if go see this movie and realize that it turns out to be crap, just remember I told you.

Girl of the Day:
Anne Hathaway reminds me of what a classic beauty should look like. I will never admit to watching any movies she has been in so far, but she is gorgeous.

Blog Quote:

Mr. Madison, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul. - Billy Madison


:P fuzzbox said...

Regarding the homeless couple. The guy better watch himself. I feel that after a marothon of watching Cops last week that I could definantly see a pattern. Police are targeting shirtless white trash.

Jaime said...

Anne Hathaway is . . . mmm . . . princess diaries . . . *drools*

phred said...

Anna Nicole might have been HOT at one time..but check out those eyes..maybe tooooo much of a good thing?