Wednesday, July 06, 2005


This weekend I journied up to the city of Amarillo to see my beautiful and talented fiance. Turns out she had to work the 4th of July what a crook of shit. So instead of sitting around doing nothing I went to watch some movies. First movie on the list was a comedy called Rebound staring Martin Lawerance. Have you heard of this movie? No, well lets keep it that way. The only reason I decided to watch this piece of shit was to see the trailer to the next big movie. (Wait for it) BIG MOMMAS HOUSE 2. No, not really I do feel bad for Martin Lawerance he used to be funny. As this movie was over and I still had 6 hours to wait I decied to watch the much anticipated War or the Worlds that started our once Man of the Week Tom Cruise. If you wanting a movie with stunning special effects, insane action and a story of the human condition DO NOT watch this film. I hate to sound depressing, like I don't like any movies but this one was just so dissapointing Tom Cruise is no hero by any means in this movie. The aliens are really not that scary all you really had to do to kill them was punch them in the face. But did anyone do that hell no. They just waited for them to die then were all like aren't we humans bad ass. One other interesting thing about this movie is the aliens use of weaponery to make the human population cower! The weapon of choice was a bull horn!!!! Whenever you heard that shit it was scary time! Everybody RUN! My advice watch Batman or Star Wars Again.


Jaime said...

i don't know, i liked War of the Worlds. tom cruise's character wasn't supposed to be a big action hero. to tell the truth, he was a bit of a dick in the beginning, and then changed and had the single concern of getting his kids to safety. and the alien weaponry . . . rocked hard. and the use of human blood to cultivate their martian weeds. all culminating in that reverse sphincter that almost swallowed up tom. great movie.

Anonymous said...

WOW the aleins had laser beams thats so original.