Friday, July 08, 2005

Stay Healthy!

I've listened to the White Stripes new single Blue Orchid several times, in the car on the computer, on my stero. So today I downloaded it and was listening to it on my headphones writing the blog. It damn near blew my head off it was so awesome the bass and beat felt like it was plugged directly into my head it was the first time anything actually sounded better with headphones on.

Strange News / Celebrity Crap:

Rachel is here to help you stay healthy make sure and watch this informative video. If you go to only one link on my blog today go to this one.

After taking over John Travolta job as head recruiter Tom Cruise has made his presence felt in Hollywood and possibly the world. Although, I do not have the actually have percentage rate of increase in new members I do know "Mission Impossible" is slowly becoming a reality as a new convert Keri Russell was named. The costar of his next movie Mission Impossible III now holds belief in the religion of scientology. Cruise's new tactic seems ingenious. By collecting and converting hot women over to scientology he is in fact gaining male support. One must ask just what is Cruise's ultimate goal and how far will he go to reach it?

Even though Maria Sharapova lost Wimbledon she number on in our hearts. Check out this very cool Maria Sharapova video to see why.

Other Cool Videos I found on this site:
A hilarious video on that annoying 419 phising scam!
Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson teach how to party!
Just go to to check out the videos. I will post it as a new link, also.

I am not saying the Chinese have everything right they were ranked the most ignorant people in the world about sex and they are really short, but sometimes they may just have a good idea and the rest of the world should say: Hey, that's a good idea.

Justice Judy?

A History of Violence a new movie with Viggo looks bad ass. Check out the trailer here.

My Name is Earl: Premise: Jason Lee (from damn near all the Kevin Smith movies) plays Earl a redneck, trailer trash, loser who wins the lottery and realizes he has been an ass to everyone and needs to atone for these selfish acts to get better karma. I like Jason Lee he has been funny in everything he has ever done and I do not see that changing. This show will defiantly been on my list to watch this year, at least at first. You can check out the trailer here.

Girl of the Day:
For looking out for your health and mine Rachel Stevens is the girl of the day. Don't know who she is? She was in that teen The S Club on ABC Family. I think she is a big pop star in Britain now.

Blog Quote:
I guess this should just turn iton movie lines, because that is pretty much where I get these quotes. Here is one of my favorite scenes from Chasing Amy.

Banky Edwards: Alright, now see this? This is a four-way road, OK? And dead in the center is a crisp, new, hundred dollar bill. Now, at the end of each of these streets are four people, OK? Are you following?
Holden: Yeah.
Banky Edwards: Good. Over here, we have a male-affectionate, easy to get along with, non-political agenda lesbian. Down here, we have a man-hating, angry as fuck, agenda of rage, bitter dyke. Over here, we got Santa Claus, and up here the Easter Bunny. Which one is going to get to the hundred dollar bill first?
Holden: What is this supposed to prove?
Banky Edwards: No, I'm serious. This is a serious exercise. It's like an SAT question. Which one is going to get to the hundred dollar bill first? The male-friendly lesbian, the man-hating dyke, Santa Claus, or the Easter bunny?
Holden: The man-hating dyke.
Banky Edwards: Good. Why?
Holden: I don't know.
Banky Edwards: Because the other three are figments of your fucking imagination!


Jaime said...

was that "S Club 7"? those chicks were hot. . .but i could never figure out why they hung around with homosexual dudes. oh well, the brits are silly like that.

Big D said...

That's it I couldn't remember the exact name. Yeah those guys were total queers. I always hoped some of the girls were too and then they would start making out with each other. Now that's family programming!