Monday, July 25, 2005

Jane Fonda, Snakes, Fighting Old Men and Britney Spears

Jane Fonda must be in dire need of cash. After divorcing her billionaire husband Ted Turner apparently her extravagant lifestyle has taken a dip. Mansions and horse ranches are expensive! So the famous communist and ultra liberal Fonda has found a capitalist way to solve her problems. She is going on a bus tour to call an end to U.S. military operations in Iraq. Now don't worry the bus is going to be powered by vegetable oil with all you favorite Partridge Family tunes blasting. On this antiwar tour she will be peddling her new book My Life So Far. So forget about supporting our troops and support Jane Fonda's cause. I mean you can never have enough ponies can you?

That's a big fucking snake!

Check out snopes for the story.

OLD MAN FIGHT!!! I laughed so hard I nearly stopped breathing when I watched this. So this clip might not be safe to view at work. But if you get an opportunity check out these old bastards fight.

Jaime from Blogs are for Wusses beat me to the post that Brittney Spears is going to give birth to a rhinoceros. So I thought I'd try a different spin. From this angle, she does not look too bad. Her stomach is not the only thing growing! She may be able to breast feed an entire third world country before it's over. Now the question remains, where did I live that passport?

Girl of the Day:Adriana Lima. Why, because I just got a new Victoria Secret Catalog.


Crazy Dan said...

Snakes and old men fighting. If that snake came after me I would punch it in the face. I would kick an old mans ass this is a fact since I after done it before so if any of your 90 year old bastards wanna fight... BRING IT ON!!

Big D said...

Better watch it they may punch you in the face. Kick Your ASS!