Monday, July 11, 2005

The Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four Review:
OK, so I watched Fantastic Four this weekend. I had really low expectations of this movie mainly because the trailers did not looking appealing with the whole Doom character. I guess before I really start this review I should tell you I was once a huge comic book geek, I collected and read comics like all the stereo typical geeks you could think of. I still read comics, but now it's just I might pick up a graphic novel every once in while. I still have all my old comics. There was a lot of bad in this movie and some really positive things about Fantastic Four.

The Bad:
First and for most the Victor Von Doom character was total shit. I mean they butcher the character. Bad writing, bad actor just total shit. Dr. Doom is one of the greatest villains ever created in the medium and someone should get their ass kicked for what they did to him. Doom was not just the Fantastic Four's villain he was Marvel main staple villain he battled Spiderman the Avengers, X-men, anyone who stood in his way he fought. Did Doom have awesome powers in the comic? Hell no, he was just a super genius with unlimited amounts of money, and a free pass by owning his own country. Latveria. That's one of the best part of Doom in reality he is just a man fighting a bunch of super heroes with powers. I was always able to relate to Doom, sure he was an evil tyrant and had more money then God, but still he couldn't shoot lighting out of his ass. In realty he was actually good to the subjects of Latveria. Doom was a three dimensional character unlike most villains. Sure he wanted to take over the world, who doesn't? In this movie Viktor which I will call Dr. Doom because he doesn't deserve the name, plays the most evil person in the world a CEO of a billion dollar company! I wonder what political side the writer and director where on, cough liberal cough.

Plot According to Viktor:
Billionaire CEO Viktor Von Doom bullies once MIT classmate Reed Richards who comes begging for money. Viktor touts that he is more successful and even stole Reed's former college girlfriend Sue Storm. He decides to fund Reeds experiment because he knows Reed is always right, but wants 75 percent of anything he invents from his experiments. Feeling like he has got nothing to do any way, expect maybe run a billion dollar company, he also decides to tag along travel to the space station and fuck with Richards the whole time teasing him that he stole the love of his life and he's in debt to him. While proposing to Sue, the only woman he can't get, the freak cosmic storm happens sooner then Reed anticipates and everyone is bombarded by cosmic radiation. Back on earth Viktor finds out he is about to lose his company, because of this failed experiment. Viktor gets pissed off and realizes he is staring to change into a metallic freak with the ability to produce electricity. So he decides to kill the company's board members who are replacing him, but why stop there. It looks like Reed got Sue back and he is getting everything he wanted, attention and Jessica Alba. Let's kill Reed. First he must get rid of the one person stopping him THE THING. So by careful manipulation, 2 minutes of bad dialog, he turns the Thing back to normal and pursues too try and kill the rest of The Fantastic Four. Brilliant!

Another Bad point of the movie was it tried to be an origin film, but it gave little to no background on the characters. What character background they did give was hidden in bad dialog. Character development in the story was really bad for the most of part, especially Reed and Sue. These characters never really seem to grow.

The Good:
Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis were great as Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm the Thing. Sure he is not blond but who gives a shit. Chris Evans did a great Job playing Johnny Storm! I think he actually read the comics growing up. The rashness, crazy antics, and basically just the character of Johnny were spot on. Michael Chiklis also did a wonderful job as Ben Grimm. I thought he really brought out the humanness of the Thing. The whole relationship of these two characters helped keep this movie from being shit. I thought these two characters were perfectly cast.

After be apprehensive about Jessica Alba being cast as Sue Storm I was pleasantly surprised and thought she did a good job. I thought maybe she was a little too young for this part, but once in the theater that idea was quickly forgotten. Jessica Alba is incredibly hot and I was actually thankful for the tight spandex outfit. I really like the clip thrown in for guys when she first turns invisible and you see her in her panties, I mean that's great stuff! Some people complain that the character was too bitchy, but that's how Sue was in the comic she was the mother figure and was constantly having to pry Johnny and Ben apart.

I still think the Fantastic Four is a good idea and should be made bigger. Which will probably happen after it raked it 50 million dollars opening weekend. Sure the effects could have been better, but I'm going to take this movie as a stepping stone for what could be a great franchise. Just make sure you get Evans, Chiklis, and Alba back, while your at it get a new director and writer.

Girl of the Day:
Jessica Alba is anyone hotter then her right now? The answer is NO!

Blog Quote:
Johnny Storm: It's like some higher calling.

Reed Richards: Like getting girls and making money?

Johnny Storm: Is there any higher?


Jaime said...

i refuse to watch Fantastic Four at the theaters right now. with California ticket prices being in the $10-15 and matinee running anywhere from $8-9, i'm only going to watch worthwhile movies in the theaters.

not even a brief bra and pantie shot of Alba is worth that kind of money.

Big D said...

I don't blame you shit that's expensive. I paid $3.50 for a matinee.