Monday, June 20, 2005

Arena Football, Dave Grohl, and The Batman

Foo Fighters. In Your Honor is a two disc Album with Disc one being a good alternative or rock CD, while the second is acoustic. Where generally a 2 cd is pure crap just put in to make you spend more money. This is not the case with the Foo fighters the 2 cd is just as good or better then the first and I would have bought it separately if I had to. I really like the tracks Best of You and Resolve on disc 1 and on Disc to there are several good tracks and I do not want to signal out one or two. This set truly proves the talent of Dave Grohl from going to hard physical music to beautiful and emotional melody.

Gorillaz. I thought the previous work was better, but I really like Feel Good Inc. I would just purchase the single most of the songs on the CD just does not work it almost feels they were rushed in making this.

Lubbock Gunslingers won their last game home game. What a game it was! 62 to 60. It was and up and done affair with Gunslingers pulling it out with a missed field goal. The Gunslinger won the toss but elected to defer where the River City Rage chose to receive. The Gunslingers Defense held tough and Marc Saldana hit Carlos Heard for his first of 6 touchdowns. The rest of the game was back and forth until the beginning of the third quarter and Lubbock took an 11 point lead. With an opportunity to put a real nail in the coffin The Gunslinger were unable to capitalize and fell to score within the ten. On the next offensive series Saldana through what should have been a touchdown but was called back by the cock sucking refs because one of the linemen was supposedly to far down the field. The Rage took this opportunity to take a 1 point lead. With 2:45 seconds left in the Game Lubbock methodically took it down the field and Tate kicked an 12 yard field goal to take the lead by 2 with 4.6 seconds left. The gunslingers had been kicking the ball low and bouncing it off the ground the entire second half for fear of returns, which had happen once and almost a second time in the first half. This time something when wrong and they hit a player close and he was able to recover the ball with good field possession. Lubbock burned the rest of their timeouts and then River City shanked it right and the Gunslingers pulled of their second home game win. One of the causes of the Gunslinger win was just the out and out trash talk are players dish out. They may not be the best team, but if you got points for cheap shots and trash talk then they would be unstoppable. My player of the year goes to number 9 Devin Rispress the Gunslingers running back, for being fast on his feet as well as his mouth. Thanks for the entertainment Devin, I hope to see you next year!


Batman Begins is the best Batman movie to date. Although this movie still broke one of my cardinal rules and the love interest found out who the hero was. I do not understand why Batman has to have a love interest anyway it really does not make much since when compared to the mythology. Batman Begins did an excellent job of humanizing the character with more emphasis on the story then is usually found in comic based movies. I like the fact that this movie was more based in stunts then special effects. Christen Bale also made the best batman/Bruce Wayne and here is why.

  • Michael Keaton. Although good as Batman he made a terrible Bruce Wayne. Bruse Wayne is supposed to be a pimp or playboy whatever you want to call he scores all the time with supermodels. Michael Keaton is unbelievable in this role.
  • Vale Kilmer. Ok I can buy him as Bruce Wayne, personally he looks like a moron but ok I will give the ladies this, But come on do you really think he can kick your ass. NO.
  • George Clooney. You would think he would make a good Batman I know he can play dark brooding evil, Dusk till Dawn, but he just does not. I am not sure if it him or if it was the script or director. I’m going to give him a break since the movie was crap and blame everyone else on that piece of shit.
  • Christen Bale. Great choice because we know he can play duel roles because of American Psycho. So he wins because Chicks dig him and he pulled off a good job as the fledgling caped crusader.

House of Flying Daggers. This movie had visually stunning action sequences and a great story with good twist. It was a very good movie.


Hells Kitchen tonight.


Some guy raped a dog.

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Dangerous Dan said...

I disagree the love interest in batman helps make the movie more well recieved by larger audiences which is what we want with a great movie like batman. The more people that see the movie means they will contunie to make more of them. Another valid reason for the great job on this paticular love interst is that it helps bring out the conflict within the character.