Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Some Movie Updates

I found this little article on Blender it talks about the crazy ass club scene where the patron bring along uzis and help the DJ out by shooting into the air when he calls for them to. Along with shooting in the air I imagine several caps are busted of in people asses. Ohh, and people are being shot too.

Strange News / Celebrity Crap:
My favorite live rocker, Kid Rock is being sued by a DJ over an assault in a strip club in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. Hell yeah, if I were rich you would only find me in a strip club. Disc Jockey Jerry Campos filed a lawsuit claiming that Rock punched him at Christies Cabaret in February after a dispute. Kid Rock was arrested and charged with assault, but was later released on a $3,000 bond. Campos is seeking $500,000 in punitive damages and $75,000 in compensation. Since when does getting punched in the face make you fucking rich. These fuckers need to stop being such pussies if a celebrity chunked a phone at me or punched me in the face I would kick their ass. If I loss then I would just take the loss like a man.


I knew Disney was making a sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean, but it looks like they will be making a third also. Johnny Depp made this flick worthwhile, and he will return as Captain Jack Sparrow. Here is the plot outline from IMDB.

This time around, Johnny returns as Captain Jack Sparrow and is caught in yet another tangled web of supernatural intrigue. It turns out, Captain Jack owes a blood debt to the legendary Davey Jones, ruler of the ocean depths and captain of the ghostly Flying Dutchman. If Jack can't figure a crafty way out of this one, he'll be cursed to an afterlife of eternal servitude and damnation. And as if that weren't enough, Captain Jack's problems throw a huge wrench into the wedding plans of the blissful Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann, who quickly find themselves thrust into Jack's misadventures.

Underworld is also going to have a sequel. All the original actors are returning. You cannot go wrong with Kate Bekinsale in leather.

Beauty and the Geek comes on tonight. One of the geeks has his own blog.

Girl of the Day:
Eva Longoria

Blog Quote:
I've learned that you can't treat every situation as a life-and-death matter because you'll die a lot of times. Write that down. Van Wilder


Jaime said...

you should visit and to keep current on the movie news. and Eva freaking Longoria?? what? that skinny mexican bitch? I would have to disagree on that.

Big D said...

Thanks for the tip. Generally I just know about comic book based moveis from I'm going to be featuring a few latin ladies as the next GOTDs. I'm in the mood for mexican. Eva the smallest, but I thought I start with her first. Pkus, are you telling me you wouldn't stick a dick in Eva Longoria?

Jaime said...

have you heard her talk? oh man, it's almost as infuriating as Fran Drescher. don't tell me she's going to be tomorrow's pick. lol.

Big D said...

Honestly, No I've never heard her talk. Does that make me a bad person?

crazydan said...

What di you mean you never heard her talk your addiceted to that stupid housewives show. Its like watching a three year old licking a lollipop. Ooop Michael Jackson Reference.

Jaime said...

you watch desp houswives?? not even my wife wants to see that. i'm sure her acting voice is just a tad less annoying than her regular voice . . . just check out that punk'd episode.

Big D said...

I don't watch that show you're confusing me with you again. Get on your meds!

Jaime said...

sure you don't . . . and you don't wear pink mumus and sip on shirley temples while getting your "hair did".