Tuesday, June 21, 2005

New Member, New Category

Today I have added a team member to the Blog. So welcome Crazy Dan! I think I have found a habit to posting that I will be following or trying to follow. I will post a regular blog Monday thru Friday in this format. With a category for Music, News/Celebrity Crap, Movies/DVDs, Television, Quote of the Day, and now a new category Girl of the Day. What Crazy Dan will do, I have no idea he is crazy, hopefully it will be insane because he pushes the line more then I do.

Just waiting for X Fest 2 it is this Saturday!

News / Celebrity Crap:
MMMMMMMM Chronic Candy. Follow this link to read about the marijuana-inspired candy. Check out the links below to see it. Why? That is a question I cannot answer. The question you should ask is: What will those crazy potheads think of next?

Crazy Dan and I got into an argument about Batman Begins as he liked the Rachel character and I thought she was useless bullshit. We did, however, agree that Joey Potter cannot act!

Hells Kitchen is not as fun when Chef Ramsay is not ripping the contestants. The restraint actually got meals this episode as the Red team overcame the blue team. Carl Ann was kicked off for not being interesting and that is pretty much it.

I have added a new link to the link page. TVGASM it is quite entertaining and has episode reviews or guides to popular shows . http://www.tvgasm.com/

Girl of the Day:
I have got a lot of feedback at least when I post hot girls. Go figure right. So I decided to add a girl of the day to my regular posting. Who should it be though? I have posted links for Jessica Simpson or Daisy Duke if you like and posted a link for Paris Hilton in others blogs. After careful consideration I thought it needed to be someone that is not really known here in the states, someone unique. Someone.... With large breasts! So I present Keeley of British Page 3 fame.

Blog Quote:
Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and I will give ya something to cry about you little bastard! - The Great White Hype

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