Monday, June 13, 2005

Three day weekend!

Hells yeah, three day weekend, baby! So I was channel surfing the other day and I see that the MTV movie awards are on so I catch the last ten minutes. The best picture award was being presented by scientology cult leader Tom Cruise. I forget what the nominees were but any of them were better then the piece of crap that won. Yes, my last rant won the best picture! The worst piece of shit ever made Napoleon Dynamite won best picture. Granted it is the MTV awards and means about as much as used condom. The movie getting any kind of attention just means were one step closer to the apocalypse. I hope it gets here soon if I have to sit thru any more shitty ass movies like that.

So my NIFL Arena team finally won a home game. Go, Gunslingers! After all the sad defeats they not only win their first home game, they kicked the living shit out of the Lincoln capitols. It was like 88 to 30 or something. The team started a new quarterback this game and it was about time. The team was not talentless the quarterback was just afraid of his shadow and like to go down on a slight breeze. The sad part was nobody was there to see this team pull themselves up. Support has long since gone after the bankruptcy and then the constant losses were not able to get buzz going. I would be surprised if they are still around next year, but I hope so. Either way there is one more game left. I plan to be there even if I am the only one!
I bought the new CD from Weezer this weekend not very impressed so far, but I am not a big fan. I liked Beverly Hills and We Are All on Drugs that is about it. I will review the Foo Fighters CD when it comes out.

Bought a few and watched a few DVDs this weekend. I bought Assault on Precinct 13, House of Flying Daggers, and The Postman. The Postman I got because it was cheap and I liked this movie even if the critics slammed it. I like Assault on Precinct 13 it was as good as I hoped it would be coming from the maker of Training Day which is a personal favorite, but it was good and it had a few surprises. I also watched The Boogeyman and I thought it started out really good but he had a really crappy ending. It left a lot of loose ends. The entire you were waiting for that one moment for it to really scare you and it never comes. Sort of disappointing, but I thought the main actor did a good job in it.

I found a web site that allows you to keep track of your DVDs write reviews for them share your thoughts with your friends. I did this for several hours this weekend, but I still like adding several DVDs and I have not even started writing reviews. Soon as I get everything updated I will post a link and you can check out my collection.

Hells Kitchen comes on tonight. I like that Scottish bastard Chef Gordon Ramsey. I watched his English show on BBC this weekend it was brilliant.

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