Thursday, June 23, 2005

I said something in haste yesterday that I will now take back. I will be keeping the GOTD category as it gives me great joy. Anyone willing to take away said joy I feel sorry for.
If one day I add a female to the team they can feel free to post anything they wish except no penises you have to draw the line somewhere.

2 days to X Fest 2!

Strange News / Celebrity Crap:
Can Jessica Simpson be stopped? I am not sure but God Bless America!

So I found me a new mouse pad today. Check it out!

Here is a two second trailer for the next King Kong Movie.

Beauty and the Geek was hilarious, it was the best one yet. The beauties had to learn math and the geeks had to get digits. The geeks were able to go on a practice date with the beauties, but the catch was they had to ask them. So you are saying, how is that a catch, but you have to remember most of these nerdy bastards have never asked a girl out. Richard the geekest fucker I have ever seen used the worst pickup line I have ever heard. He would take a beauty on a couch and say I feel a little ill. The beauty would then say something like why or really and then he would come back with Yes, I am about to ask you out on a date. After he asked three beauties and got shout down as they already had dates it turns out that Lauren one of the hottest ended up the loser and had to go. I say one of the hottest because I cannot decide between her and the big breasted beer spokes model Scarlet. Some of these geeks did OK on their dates, but some were bad. Take Chuck and Scarlet the conversation he tried to direct you have got to ask yourself why? I mean really who talks about the Quaker faith besides Quakers? One was a disaster and not in a funny way but in a will someone just beat him! Richard and the stunningly hot Lauren was not only a disaster at times it was hard to watch. I know she could have beat the shit out of him and that would have been fun to watch. In the pre-date interview Richard thought he had a 120 percent to score, instead he had 120 percent chance to look like a douche bag on TV. The beauties challenge was to go shopping for the geeks. They had a thousand dollars to spend and had to add up the clothes they bought plus the sales tax. Lauren won, but it was not that good because it did not show how far of they were off or what the others said the total was. The beauties then gave their geek a makeover and it was time to get some digits. Chuck being the cocksucker that he is came up with a cheap ass way to win by telling women he was a gay screenwriter and if they wanted to help him with a movie. Richard asked everyone for a number including middle aged and elderly women and still getting last. In the elimination round Richards team beat out Laurens team and the hot Lauren was forced to leave the house.

Girl of the Day:
This girl started as a webcam girl who started making her rounds on the internet and my block. Then Howard Stern said she had the best ass in the world and she exploded, along with millions of guys pants. I cannot disagree with Mr. Stern though it is one hot ass. Some even claim she has a face but I have yet to make my way that far up. So here is Keyra from Argentina:

Blog Quote:
Conservatives saw the savagery of 9/11 in the attacks and prepared for war; liberals saw the savagery of the 9/11 attacks and wanted to prepare indictments and offer therapy and understanding for our attackers.
Karl Rove


Jaime said...

we have similar thursday posts. great minds think alike.

Anonymous said...

ok its ok to have a girl of the day but at least show her face. Don't make me look at a chicks naked bum even if it is the greatest in the world. So I guess Ia m going to have to take away your joy because as you pointed out there is nothing funnier then pointing out the short comings of others.

Big D said...

Yes I noticed that too. Great minds must think alike. That's a valid point anonymous. I will try to post faces also.

Jaime said...

just steer clear of the "butterfaces".

Anonymous said...