Thursday, June 16, 2005


Usually I just post a bunch of miscellaneous crap but today I came across something that is serious and deserves our full attention. So there is only one topic today.


Disney has taken a perfectly natural and beautiful occurrence and cheapened it. Supposedly in a test screening of Herbie: Fully Loaded many parents and kids thought the breasts of Lindsay Lohan were too voluptuous to star in a family movie. I really do not think they talked to the boys are men in this test screening; because a male no matter what the age would never utter a fictitious observation such as this. I truly cannot understand the jealousy some women have for others who, whether they are natural or enhanced, have large breasts. Instead of ignoring this atrocious complaint Disney decided to have its digital computer artists reduce the size of her breasts. How my brother geeks could do this I will never understand I would have refused and made them fire me for this odious request. I think I am more upset with my computer brethren then Disney. I cannot express the disappoint I have in heart with words. Below is a link to the article where I learned of this heartbreaking crime.

Below is a comparison, true and digitally remastered.



I believe this is a cause for West Texas Rock to take up. More information will be uncovered in the weeks to come.


Dan said...

Ia m in shock. How could they do this after all the preaching of disney that it doesnt maatter what you look like its what inside that counts. SO who cares if she has large breasts this is something that should be cleebrated

Jaime said...

1 million dollars spend reducing the Lohan breasts is 1 million reasons to boycott this POS re-make.

not that it matters now though, seems she's doing a great job of reducing her breast size on her own these days