Monday, June 06, 2005

Rockin' Out at Work on the Weekend!

So I had to work this weekend and did not get much anything else accomplished. I did hear Cinderella Man was really good and I will have to check it out this next weekend. Rob Zombie tickets go on sale in Lubbock today which blows because they are not taking online or phone orders and I cannot go up there tonight. Bastards! One good thing about working on the weekend is no one is there so when I was setting up the computers and I could blast my metal and was able to rock out the entire afternoon. I was cranking the newest by Kreator because I was in that kind of mood. Today there was not much going on it was rather relaxing just a few complaints about this weekends work so I call that a job well done. With the atmosphere laid back I just ratcheted up the classic alternate and Grunge and listen to a little Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Alice and Chains. Not a bad Monday at all.

Just remember: You must feel the force around you, then clear the answer will become.

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