Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Wacko Jacko


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News / Celebrity Crap:

So Wacko Jacko was found innocent, big deal like I did not see that one. Who would let their kid stay with that freak, anyway, he does not even look human. He looks like some mutant I used to read about in the X-Men comic book. The funny part is now he is saying he want to revitalize his career. That has to be a joke he is a total has-been and needs to face the facts. I mean seriously do want to listen to the crap he will try and push off on you. Maybe, he will change is style and sing classic children songs. That way he can lower the age of his groupies.

In other shocking news Katie Holmes converted to scientology. Tom Cruise had this to say:
One down, One billion to go! MAUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Also, Alicia Silverstone got married this weekend. Yes, thank you. The honeymoon was fantastic.

In other news I am half way on rating my DVD collection and will probably post the link tonight or tomorrow. At least that is the goal.


Hells Kitchen: This week Jeff finally had enough of Chef Ramsay and feeble tried to stand up to him. In what way did you do this? Did he go off in a cursing storm or rant? No, he called him an asshole. Like Ramsay was not aware of this already. Very pathetic, I mean the Chef has a great 4 letter vocabulary and Jeff only comes up with asshole? Jeff then sulked of the show as he should after a pathetic come back like that. Chef Ramsay just laughed at his attempt to be a man. The next chef to go was the vegetarian Asian chick. Why did they put her on meats? Who wants a vegetarian chef anyway? I want my steak bloody! Hopefully, next week Chef Ramsay will shove his foot up Andrew ass.

Nothing is on tonight, but Beauty and the geek comes on Wednesday and it is worth another watch it was quite funny watching those nerds and bimbos last week. Those hotties idiots!

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There is nothing more exhilarating than pointing out the shortcomings of others, is there?
- -Randall from Clerks

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Daredevil Dan said...

You must be "off the wall" not to want to listen to another "thriller" ablbum from Michael Jackson. No matter what you think he will never be "invisable" he will stay a "bad " "dangerous" rocker. WEST TEXAS ROCKS BABY!