Friday, June 24, 2005

X Fest 2 is Tomorrow!

It is Friday! Hell Yeah!

X-Fest 2 is tomorrow.
Doors Open at 2pm
10 Years
Bo Jones
Blood Simple
American Head Charge
Prom Kings
No Address
Powerman 5K

Strange News / Celebrity Crap:
Just what we needed Celebrity Idol. It is going to labeled as a spin off of American Idol but with celebrities read has-beens. They team that created American Idol is also trying to get the same judge Simon, Randy and Paula. Since the show is just now being pitched I would like to add some ideas. Since the celebrity is going to be on TV and probably has no right being there, but only making a dick of there selves the audience should be givin dildos to throw at these crappy ass stars. I mean what better says YOU SUCK then being hit with a dildo in the face.

Wimbledon referee Alan Mills is trying to ban noise pollution at Wimbledon. He says the girls grunting is to loud and should stop as it is giving the sport a bad name. What the hell are you talking about Alan that is won of the best things about Wimbledon is watching these athletic hot women in short skirts grunting. Nothing says I want to win like ARRRGHHHH.

Maria Sharapova

Nicholas Cage will star as Ghost Rider and here is the first promotional poster.

Thursday television watching sucks in the summer no survivor, no new episodes CSI. I have started seeing commercials for the new fall shows I have not seen anything that is going to make it though. I saw a preview for a new show with Jason Lee in it. It looks like it could be worth a few laughs. Those of you who don’t know Jason Lee he is the actor that was in Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Stealing Harvard, and A Guy Thing.

Girl of the Day:
I will be rocking out tomorrow at X-fest and will not be posting a blog so the babe of the day and weekend will be The Mistress of Metal, Juliya.

Blog Quote:
"Sometimes you just have to rock out, with your cock out" -Anonymous


Jaime said...

i prefer Maria Sharpova over that Juliya "GOTD" pick. I don't know, something about the tennis skirt and that russian accent.

Crazy Dan said...
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