Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Man of the Week!

I thought if you were going to have a woman of the week it is only fair to have a MAN OF THE WEEK !!! This week it goes to my main man Tom Cruise. Some dildo reporter thought it would be funny to spray urine on him while he was giving interviews and he practiced amazing self control and did not stomp his ass. I can only be amazed at the self control he has mastered it must come from his belief in scientolgy. The man reason Cruise gets my vote this week is for his sheer diabolical nature. He take a sweet girl and made her give up everything for him. He dominates her in what I can only call a truely manly fashion. He took away her religion and faith and truned her into a scientoligist. Way to go Tom Cruise one down and one billion to go!


Big D said...

Hell yeah! Brillant!

Anonymous said...

I think you could have picked a better picture. I mean come on, you have nipples nearly poking out on Herbie girl, but you can't even find a decent picture of Tom?? Try maybe Top Gun pics, that would be great!!