Monday, June 27, 2005

X Fest 2

X-Fest 2 was Saturday and it was a fun day of rocking out, but I do have two words to describe the day. FUCKING HOT! It was in the hundreds and I have not seen the sun in at least a year so the inevitable happened. So me Crazy Dan his fiance and a couple of friends arrived at the Lone Star amphitheater between 2:00 and 2:30. I of course forget to put on sunscreen, because I guess I am cool like that, and we go in. As it was still early and I did not want to stand around in the pit all day we walked around and found a spot on the lawn when 10 Years began playing.

10 Years: This is a good young band I think we will see more of. They had a lot of energy and good songs and just seemed happy to be playing. I really liked Wasteland it had a really good energy and got the crowd going. You can check it out at their website.

Bo Jones: Man this band sucked. I mean man they were really bad, horrible, disastrous, whatever word you want to use. As some of you know my pure disdain for Napoleon Dynamite this fucker looked just like him and you tell he was a totally poser. He was wearing on of those socialist shirts and then talking about Jesus and he looked all of 16. I knew it was going to bad but then they started to set up a keyboard and I was positive it was going to be a suckfest. It was worse then I thought and then he stated dancing! How do I describe his dancing? Picture a spider monkey waving his hands over is head and spinning in slow circles, I think that comes close.

Blood Simple: This band came out and had a lot of energy thanked the crowd for coming out to check out the early bands in this hot weather and then preceded to rock out hardcore. This band is pure metal and it was good to hear some really good metal for a change.

At this point I look down and see I am starting to burn. So we decide to go into the pavilion and rest between acts. My friend Ed who had been drinking pretty much this whole day was starting to get buzzed. This looked like a good idea, but who could I con into being the designated driver?

American Head Charge: We stayed in the pavilion for this band as we had all seen them live a few times and I personally was not that impressed.

During this time Crazy Dan snapped off his beer bracelet saying it was bothering the hell out of him. I saw this as an opportunity and asked if he would be the designated driver since he did not want to wear the band. He reluctantly agreed and it was time for a visit to the bar. I got me a double shot of Jack Daniels and was off. I sat backed down and bullshited with everybody while me and Ed checked out all the hot chicks walking around. I hit the bar again for another double shot and it was time for the next band.

Prom Kings: Again not feeling it was quite time to enter the pit we walked around and found a spot on the lawn. Next to us were a couple of Aryans or Nazi we came to find out. We found this out when one of them stood up and had White and Power tattooed to his calves. Idiots! His other friends with him had various other tattoos such as iron crosses and skulls, but the strangest thing was on in the group had a hispanic girlfriend. I thought this was breaking the white supremacist rules or something, but whatever. I liked the Prom Kings they had a lot of energy and really worked the crowd. When their CD comes out it is definitely on the list to buy.

Then it was time to head back to the pavilion for another double shot of Jack.

No Address: It was now time for the pit as we headed to the stage. I listen to a couple of songs and they played their one half decent song Down midway through I decided it was enough of these guys. I did not think they were too good, but Crazy Dan stayed out there and enjoyed it.
Maybe it was the sunburn, maybe it was a hot blond chick I spotted in the pavilion, either way it was time to head back to the bar for another double shot of Jack Daniels.

Back in the pavilion me and Ed spotted a another really hot blond girl with a really big friend in a Nirvana shirt. When I say really big I mean a 6 foot 300 pound behemoth. I tried to convince Ed of the finer point of being a wingman, but he was having none of this being 5 foot 7 and 150 pounds. I don’t know if he could have handled her anyway, but damn it he could have tried. This banter went on for about twenty minutes when Crazy Dan and his came back in. Crazy Dan then got into the conversation for another 10 or minutes when it was time for another double shot and back to the stage. We were all looking forward to Static X.

Static-X: When we get out there the crowd had already started to grow large. I guess people were starting to come in as the crowd had been pretty small until now. At first we were pretty far back but I saw a pit starting to form and nodded to Ed to follow me. I made my way through 5 or 6 people to get to the pit and walked straight thru it to damn near the front of the stage. I never got touched, but had to push a couple of the crazy tattooed shirtless fuckers out of the way. When I looked back Ed was nowhere to be seen. Never hesitate! At this point I should once again note my size as I am a 6 foot 5, 300 pound behemoth. Now you are asking yourself why I did not I become the wingman. All I have to say is principle, my friend, principle. Anyway, Ed had eventually got out of the pit to the front and I saw him about 5 minutes later. We stayed on the outside ring of the pit and pushed the crazy fuckers back in or helped them up when they fell. Static X was really cool and are much better live then on the radio. They played a few of their new songs from their latest CD Start a War and some older songs like Cold.

It was time to head back into the pavilion for another double shot of Jack and some rest.

Powerman 5000: I had seen this band live once before at Summer Sanitarium in 2001 in Dallas and it was a crazy experience. I was up in the seats and some people ripped off the cushions of their seats and start throwing them down. Powerman saw this and encouraged everyone to do the same. Next thing you know 30,000 seat cushions are being thrown at it looks like Christmas. So I knew these guys put on a good show and was not disappointed. Crazy Dan and Ed found sides on one side on the pit and I went on the opposite site and tried to push people over to them it was a great show Powerman rules live. On their last song they asked if any Texas girls would like to come up on stage and help them out. Next thing you know there are like 50 girls up on stage. They played when Worlds Collide I am not sure how some of these girls were able to dance so nasty to this song, but being the real troopers they are they found a way. Especially these two blond girls one in a black shirt that said sporty and a other in a yellow shirt, they were very hot and the girl in the yellow shirt flashed the crowd along with several others.

It was to the pavilion and after I got myself another double shot of Jack Daniels I saw that chick in the yellow shirt in the line at the bar and thought this might be cool to talk to her. Granted I am about as smooth as cheap whiskey, but I thought what the hell. I went up to her and said Thank you. I am not sure if it was Wayne’s World or those Thank You Twix commercials where I came up with that. Maybe it was just my polite manners, maybe I could not think of anything else, or maybe I was just starting to feel a little buzz. Whatever it was it worked. I ended up buying her a beer and we got to talking then she gave me a nice blowjob. Sorry that last part did not happen, but if it did it would have been bad ass. Anyway, right after I said thank you, apparently she had a kid. When he ran up to her saying mommy I knew it was time to make my exit. I milled around for about 15 minutes, before I went back for another double shot and by this time you could say I had a pretty good buzz going.

Crossfade: I am not a huge fan of Cross fade, anyway, but everyone in our little group agreed they sucked live. Seeing how walking straight was starting to get difficult I did not go to the stage for this one but snuck some chairs out from the pavilion into the lawn and had a seat.
After Crossfade I went back to get one more double shot of Jack Daniels and waited for Seether.
Seether: It was pretty crowded down by the stage during Seether. So I knew the pit would be pretty much nonexistent and seeing how standing seemed to be turning into a small challenge I just found my chair up on the lawn and enjoyed a good set by a good band. Seether is probably the closest thing to Nirvana today and I really like their music. They played a really good show. And during the encore Amy Lee came out and sang Broken which was cool because you were not expecting it.

After the concert I thought IHOP sounded like a good idea, but was over ruled and we just went back home.

As I sit typing this out today I cannot help but notice my red sunburnt arm. The only white place on it is where my beer band was.

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