Thursday, June 30, 2005

Beach Volleyball and Saggy Boobs

I’ve got nothing.

Strange News / Celebrity Crap:

Beach volleyball gives women saggy boobs. STOP THE MADNESS! A top plastic surgeon Dr George Khoury, 39, from Hamburg, says the increasingly popular sport has created a growing number of female clients who have come to him complaining about sagging breasts. He warns that while the physical exertion might be good for the rest of the body, all the jumping and diving involved in beach volleyball puts a strain on women's breasts. Vigorous movements and vibrations stretch the tissue around the breasts, which can lead to permanent sagginess, warned Dr Khoury. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! He then added: "The female breasts, even small ones, were not made for swinging up and down 300 times within a short period of time, as happens in beach volleyball." DAMN YOU BEACH VOLLEYBALL!!! If you need some support for this critical issue please let us know in the shout box and someone can be found to help you, even if I personally have to take matters into my own hands!

A 646.2-pound (293 kg) Mekong giant catfish, netted in Thailand, may be the largest freshwater fish ever found. The wife of the fisherman had this to say. I am not cleaning that big son-of-a-bitch and if you think I am going to make enough coleslaw and fries for it your out of your fucking mind!

New Dad thinks his son might be gay.

Maybe bling has gone too far

War of the Worlds, anyone?

Here is usually where I would give a review about Beauty and the Geek. I am not going to be doing that today because it was not that good. Scarlet and Sean loss and were kicked out and Scarlet was a stuck up bitch about it.
Big Brother 6 is going to start pretty soon here is the lowdown. Each contestant will have a pre-existing relationship with one other roommate. However, they will be instructed to keep their alliance secret because they'll be under the assumption that everyone else in the house doesn't know each other.

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Sofia Vergara

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