Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Crime Prevention

You know this is crime prevention that can be found in Grand Theft Auto. Rio de Janeiro has had enough of people being preyed on at night by criminals and gang members so they passed a law that in high crime areas there are no speed limits or traffic signals. I wonder if this means if you can also try and run over your would be assailent. This was done since many drivers already ignore traffic signals late at night for fear of being robbed or killed in a carjackings. The city has one of the world's highest murder rates. In orfer to help their citizens the government has decided to try new measures to keep everyone safe. Earlier this month the legislative assembly for the state of Rio de Janeiro proposed building high walls along some highways in the city to protect motorists from shootouts between drug gangs in some of its nearly 600 slums. You know I do not think the wall thing would be a very good idea. I really do not believe the gangs are just going to sit around and let you build a wall around them. I know I would get spooked if someone started building a wall around me, I would get parinoid and think that they were trying to build a prison around me so I would start shooting all the people trying to buid the wall. Its a good attempt at crime prevention though.

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