Friday, September 09, 2005


It's hard to believe this blog has had 10,000 hits. I've meet some fucktards, bitches and pervs. Here's to the to the first 10,000 and on to the next 10,000!


Eric said...

Con-freakin'-gratulations on 10,000. I got my 10G today as well.

Now it's a race!

:P fuzzbox said...

Congrats and I've never heard the term fucktard. It certainly describes some people to a tee.

Anonymous said... that like a mommieblogger ??

gail said...

Congrats Dude!

~*Bettie said...


Its hard to say how many come to my site.
I keep changing the damn counter!!


Jay said...

When I heard the call for fucktards, I came a-running. As a former West Texan...glad to help.

Pappy said...


Mackin with Pappy

fruey said...

Generally speaking, "hit" means access to an element on a server. So if you have 4 images in a page that page counts 4 hits. Then you have "page views" which has no notion of the uniqueness of a visitor. Then you have visits, with a notion of one IP, one visit as long as there is less than 20 minutes between each page access. Then unique visit, based on either cookie or IP over the course of a day/week/month.

So are you at 10K hits, page views, visits, or unique visitors?


Big D said...


Yes, I know the terminology, I work in the industry too. Though I have a life without it. If you want to be a smart ass about it, I can give you the technical information. Most people know visits as hits as the devices that give them this information are called "Hit Counters". Although these "Hit Counters" are inaccurate, it is the most common way to discover how many people are visiting your site. Most people don't know why they are called "Hit Countes" and how they work. I gave up trying to educate the L-user long ago, the Vicodin and Prozac were getting expensive. Good luck on trying to educate the masses, just make sure to book your bed in the asylum early.

Thanks for all the comments!