Friday, September 16, 2005


Crazy Dan has been taking the slack up for me as I redesigned his site. I know I'm not a professional animator by any means, but I thought the site turned out well. Pay Crazy Dan a visit by clicking on the banner.


Griz said...

I have already suffered four
(count 'em), four straight defeats. Actually, I've been entering the blog battles to help generate traffic for that aspiring musician, Tony Diana, I don't know him. I just thought that he was doing good things for good people. It's more that ok if I lose again, if it helps someone else. Take care, Barry
BTW, I like you blog page just fine
and, in fact, 'borrow' your goat for a friend of mine. He's from Montana and has this thing for sheep.

Crazy Dan said...

Thats just fucking great Big D I mean that man I lvoe the goat. It goes very well with the things I love in life farm animals and blondes.

JJ said...

That animation is pretty fucking crazy, man. Voting for you now.

Big D said...

Thanks for the vote and thanks for the compliment.

Jade said...