Friday, September 02, 2005

Labor Day Weekend.

Most women are amazingly stupid when it comes to pests, such as mice, snakes, and insects. In an attempt to kill some spiders a woman in Germany inadvertently set her house on fire. The 34 year old woman decided to use a can of hairspray along with a cigarette lighter to fry the little creep crawlers. The plan worked brilliantly a little too brilliant and the fire began to spread throughout the house destroying all the spiders and the rest of the house.

On this Labor Day weekend I will leave you with a prayer that was written for the US Marines by LtCmdr Phillip Lee who serves as Chaplain for the 8th Communication Battalion.

"Dear God, Maker of the heavens and the earth: We know you are the creator of all good things. For that reason we come now before you to ask for a better beer. We request it have a taste like unto the sweet nectars of the Garden of Eden. May the blend of its flavor pour gently over our tongues and satisfy not only the thirst of our mouths, but the longings of our souls.
Make this beer so good all who drink it will no longer drink the present beers which often lead people to bring injury to children, other drivers or themselves. Make it a beer that multiplies wisdom, instead of killing brain cells. Lord, you know we human beings really cannot afford to sacrifice many brain cells anyway.

Finally, Lord we ask this beer would be so good its consumption would never cause us to jeopardize or sacrifice our relationship with others or you. May the camaraderie generated by this beer make the celebrations and special occasions of our lives even more special by helping us to fully appreciate one of the most sacred dimensions of life-fellowship with our friends, loved ones and you.

Hear our prayer, oh Lord. Improve our lives with a better beer such as we have described and if you can think of any further improvements, by all means please act on our behalf.

By Your Leave, Sir
Written for U. S. Marines
Semper Fi"

Have a good long weekend and think of ideas for GOTD. Next week Brizilian Girls!


Haggiswurst said...

Have a good weekend also

Nick James said...

Oh man, that woman must ahve been all over that spider like that guy in Arachnophobia. But useless, obviously.

Tammy said...

Fucking pervert blogs.