Friday, September 16, 2005

GOTD: Sandra E

Last day of Swede week. Hope you enjoyed it. Will I continue around the world or fall into the new fall shows? Only Monday knows.


Anonymous said...

Since Hallowen is coming up I say new topic based on costumes. Like Chicks with Guns, Firefighters, Witches (or save that one for the week of Harry Potter movie), Police Women, Harem Whores the list is endless.

Big D said...

That is a great idea, anonymous! I'll save that for October. Their could be a different costume every week.

Anonymous said...

That would be so awesome what costumes are you contemplating that alone is fantastic... like indians and superheroes the list goes on forever. You can even put up hoes because that what millions of chicks dress up as even if they r\arent really hoes. This topic has me all giddy

:P fuzzbox said...

Isn't giddy a word from gay porn, used to describe being fisted by a cowboy wearing assless chaps? I really don't know the genre but it seems that I've heard this somewhere.

Big D said...

chicks with guns was already on the list so that may happen in the next two weeks. AS far as other costumes. Here is a quick list that I can see right now. October is only 4 weeks, so I will have to do some refining.

Dominatrix / Gothic (this could be a theme later though)
Naughty School Girl (same thing this is also as an anytime thing)
Naughty teacher (same thing this is also as an anytime thing)
Naughty Nurse (same thing this is also as an anytime thing)
Cat Suits / Bunny
cowgirls and indians
french maid
red riding hood or fairy tales
sorceress / witch

This is sort of your idea. You let me know what your favorite 4 are and I'll make it happen. But no cocks!

Crazy Dan said...

ooh Blustuff how did you know about my assless chaps?? You were peaking at me werent you

Maxson said...

Holy Ass, Batman!

I could crawl inside her ass and be happy for the rest of my days...