Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A Real Post, maybe not real funny.

Kate Moss loves drug fuelled three-in-a-bed lesbian sex sessions especially with her best friends Sadie Frost and Davinia Taylor. The model reportedly becomes wildly sexual during cocaine-fuelled parties, and has orchestrated a number of lesbian romps and a few three ways with Jude Law. That tiny peckered fucker has all the luck. Well maybe not, it's really not that hard to score with nannies and crack whores. Anyone want Lindsays number she really starting to annoy me?

More information then you needed. Morgan Freeman costars report he wears thongs.

Don't lie, you know you want Morgan freeman's goods!

Finally something useful is being down with the nation's schools. In Muncie, Indiana the abandon school was turned into a swingers club, one of only seven in the state. The new club features pool tables, a dance floor, a six-person hot tub, a multiple-person shower and sensually designed theme rooms. Klub Layden the name of the swinger hideout is now being sued by religious leaders worried about our kids. Mary Neal who rents a house across the street says "I thought it was empty, to tell you the truth", but now she is also worried about the kids, even though she has never seen any activity herself.

Some Evacuees Spend Relief Money at Houston Strip Clubs. Well isn't it relief money? What gives you more relief then a nice ass grinding against your crotch and a pair of fake tits bouncing off your face? Maybe I should have donated more strip clubs are expensive.

Click the above pic for other crazy looter photos.


phred said...

Waaaasup ? De brother just gettin him some soda pops . And TV`s and stereos and washin machines...
:p fuzzbox and I have discussed this.. who the hell wants to take a chance on going to prison for stealing a washing machine ??

Crazy Dan said...

Whats this about Kate Moss? I think I have some shit she needs just tell her to bring a friend. Or maybe Morgan Freeman can get her he is looking pretty buff these days and the old bastard is rocking the thong, You gotta RESPECT the thong.

Big D said...


:P fuzzbox said...

From 'Trina to Table Dances. You just have to love this country.

Comrade Thomas said...

This is great !