Monday, September 12, 2005

It's a good Monday, so far!

Former Monday Night sideline reporter Lisa Guerrero is posing nude for playboy. Finally a sports reporter with credibility!

Almost 1,500 men and women have stripped naked in the name of art in the French city of Lyon. This free standing fish and sausage festival must have been quite the scene with every Tom, Dick, and hairy woman in attendance.

What's that Mrs. Simpson you want me to take advantage of you?

What's that Ms. Silverton you want me to take advantage of you?

The sweet images of celebrity drunkeness!

I read today that a Police Academy 8 is now in the works. All the original characters are back! Upon reading this, these questions and thoughts came to mind.

  • There was a 6 and 7?
  • Why?
  • Didn't I see that midget lady with the annoying voice in a porno?
  • Steve Guttenberg is still alive?
  • Wasn't Steve Guttenberg dating one of the Olsen twins 8 years ago?
  • How many lines of coke did Steve Guttenberg snort when he finally realized he was a douchebag?
  • I thought we flushed the toilet that was Bobcat Goldthwaite's comedic career?
  • How did Bobcat Goldthwaite score Nikki Cox?
  • I wonder if Nikki Cox is ever going to pose for Playboy.
  • Have you ever noticed Nikki Cox without looking at her enormous breast and ample cleavage? Yeah, me neither.
  • You know what's great about Nikki Cox? Her boobs.
  • I wonder when Nikki Cox is going to lift that restraining order.

Anyway, I may have gotten distracted toward then end, but those were the questions and thoughts that went thru my head.


Tony said...

Oh no, there I was enjoying the drunken photos and you go and ruin it all with the revelation that there will be another Polie Academy movie! It's like having a wet shower!

phred said...

I`d like to put the handcuffs on Nikki Cox !

Sandy said...'s way too early for me in Germany to be laughing this hard....that little list of yours made me spit my coffee out...btw just blew in here from Blog Explosion and I really enjoyed your site.

Big D said...

Thanks Sandy

Master Foley said...

yeah those things are like the 8th and 9th Wonders of the World