Friday, September 02, 2005

Standing up for Women.

Here at West Texas Rocks we stand up for women... while sitting down. That didn't come out right, anyway, this is total bullshit. I see absolutely nothing wrong with Charlotte Church.

The 17 her old Opera/Pop Princess told In Style Magazine that she was constantly losing roles because of her size. "I won't fit into their ideals because I think it's really wrong. I think if I just fit in with everything that everybody told me to do I would have been in rehab by age 12. They said even if I wanted to audition, I've got to lose a few pounds. So I said Bugger off then." I get it all the time, calls from management in Los Angeles saying, We're not getting adverts and major film parts because you're too big.

Fuck that. Maybe some people like the Ethiopian "I'm going Hungry" look, like Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, and Nicole Richie. I personally I'm not a big fan of the I like crack trend that seems to be going on. For the rest of enjoy these pictures.


Big D said...

I know the large space between the title and the post is a pain in the ass. I can figure it out. It's not there in the HTML. Fuck it. Although, if you got a fix let me know.

Master Foley said...

see is so hot
and her voice gives me wood every time
and oh-so-close to being legal