Thursday, September 29, 2005

Impossible Odds

A flash from his battle axe lighted the cavern as :PFuzzbox picked himself up off the floor. Clutching his axe at his side, his other hand opening and closing in rage the image of Crazy Dan being brutalized, subjected to the Brainkin's tortures flashes through his mind. CrazyDan had been the one that had given him hope, he could not let this be the end. "Where is your partner, at least he had more meat on his bones" laughed the creature taunting the small dwarf. "Creature, listen good don't toy with me like some scrawny, pathetic little girl that has never been trained in the art of war."
At this the two combatants went after each other knowing that this would be a battle to the blood. During the first few blows :PFuzzbox decided he had better concentrate more on defense. The guardian was quick as well as powerfull he had only narrowly excaped death twice. The days events had already worn him down and even with the battle lust upon him the guardian had managed to get his claws on him creating a deep gash that ran all the way down his right leg causing blood to gush out upon the cavern floor. With his leg injured he would not have the speed to escape the creatures punishing blows for long it was only a matter of time.He had to find an opening and soon only a few hours remained until they notcied he was gone.
Finally seeing an opening the dwarf moved with his last bit of energy in an attempt to cleave the creatures belly open, but the ground was slippery with blood and he crashed to the ground. The Guardian kneeled over the fallen dwarf and smiled with its crooked teeth and pointed her claws to his throat. With a painful groan he realized it was retrieve the helmet or die, there was no middle ground.
He then closed his fist and hit the creature it was a killing blow to the throat. The Guardian gurgled and arched like a woman in orgasm and went limp. The creatures eyes were glazed over with a look of surprise grimaced in pain. :PFuzzbox slowly got up limped to the helmet and exclaimed "This thing better come with a blowjob."


Big D said...

Three cheers for the mighty dwarf :P Fuzzbox! May his tankard never go empty nor his axe dull.

skarekrow said...

found your blog from oysterderby. I was curious as to which part of west texas you're from. Anywhere near san angelo?

Breezy said... blowjob for you!!! muahahahaha!!!!!!

Maxson said...


On my site.


Big D said...

More around the Lubbock Area, but I've done some partying in San Angelo. They have some awesome burrito plases. And who doesn't like burritos?


:P fuzzbox said...

Victorious once more, and yes a fire breathing bj.

Glyn (Zaphod) Evans said...

The equipment looks great. Frazetta...!!!

Actually it is funny because I have recorded my first metal song with 5 guitar tracks called "Deathdealer" but lyrics are failing me.... :(