Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Buddha, Thieves, and Stupid Asian Women

Sure potatoes are fun, but Idaho is (insert lame ass potato related comment) for Buddha! That's right Idahoans (?) are finding inner piece by purchasing Buddha statues out of the back of a flatbed trailer. Why a flatbed trailer? Where else are you going to haul a 500lb man?

In New York Tiffany Wang and Jing Huang or suing Dr Khaled Zeitoun, whom they met on an Internet dating site, for pretending to be single and using mind games to entice them into sexual relationships with tales of past lives. Wait a second let's dissect this sentence.

  • The women's names are Wang and Huang.
  • He used tales of past lives to score.

Way to go Kaled Zeitron who may have found the two stupidest Asian women in New York.

Terry Bearpark of the UK heard screams and immediately went to help his elderly neighbor who was being attacked by two men. Both men turned around and stared to attack where he then hit Heath Randall in the face with a shovel. The other man fled the scene after seeing his unconscious compatriot lying on the ground like a heap of dog shit. During the robber's trial the Judge commended Mr. Bearpark, but added "I wish you'd hit him harder".


:P fuzzbox said...

Idaho pick up line: "Wanna rub on Buddha's belly see if you can raise some karma."

Crazy Dan said...

well you know what the say when your in Idaho the only way to reach enlightenment is in-her piece. LOL

fruey said...

Zeitoun means "olive" in Arabic too. Wanging with Doctor Olive.

Master Foley said...

damn I'm suprised the crooks didn't sue the guy