Friday, September 09, 2005

Another slow day.

I must bring this blog to your attention. because you regular readers are interested in finer things in life, you will enjoy the ramblings of this man, I believe he is a pioneer. I liked the naughty school girl post check it ou at Strip City .

Kevin Smith the almighty god of dick and fart jokes is doing a charity auction to benefit the victims of Katrina. If only I had the money for the BBQ at Kevin Smith's house or the walk on role in Clerks 2: Passion of the Clerks. How sweet would that be! Check it out at View Askew, Snoogans!

  • Barbecue at Kev's House!
  • A Walk-On part in "Clerks 2: Passion of the clerks"
  • "Clerks 2" Set visit
  • A View Askew T-Shirt Extravaganza!
  • Have Kev Leave Your Voice Mail Message!

I'm getting a royal ass kicking on battle of the blogs today. I thought the sexy Brazilian's would gather some support and I don't know what's up with the shoutbox . It looks like the site that I have it with is down. All the blogs I know that use them are having issues with it today. If it's not working Monday I'll find a new one. Not the best blogging week in terms of posts, but I've had the best GOTD theme so far. I haven't decided if next week is going to be Swedish blondes or Naughty School Girls, only time will tell. See you Monday, football season begins Sunday!


Maxson said...

Don't be so darn hard on yourself. I think your posts are just dreamy!!

Battle of the Blogs is over-run with mommyblogs. Filthy homemaking skanks...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and those FREAKING '' doggie blogs ''. Who wants to set around and look at and read about some smelly mutt?

Big D said...

I've never seen a doggie blog how pathetic is that. I know why I lose, it's the damn mommy blog contigent. It's like Diturbed's song enemy.

Nick said...

I'm sorry... did you say something?

Hellllllooooooooo ladies...