Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Apple and a Random Thought

Apple computers desperately trying to keep pace with PCs have produced an ingenious idea. A multi-button mouse! Yes, No longer do you only have the only option of one, but the magical number of two. Did the geniuses over at apple stop there? Absolutely not, they also added a scroll wheel. This scroll wheel will allow you to move from the top of a web page or document to the bottom with out having the pain of moving your mouse over to the scroll bar and clicking it. This Mighty Mouse is just another part of the apple revolution. Many apple enthusiasts were worried when they heard of Apples plans to incorporate Intel architecture in their sacred machines, but few can doubt the ingeniousness of a two button mouse. "Sure there will be some confusion at first that is expected. Here at apple we feel after a six week course you will be apple to operate your mouse with ease and confidence" said Steve Handjob. Most of the above is obvious bullshit, but the mighty mouse is real and it will give Mac Zealots the ability to use two buttons. "Mr. Anderson that is the sound of inevitability."

Iraqi Village leaders name a soldier a sheik. This is a cool story. http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/0801iraq-sheik01.html

Random Thought:

Sometimes I forget where I live when something happens to bring me crashing down in to the cold hard world of reality. While thinking of something to type up for the blog I heard something that was not really surprising, but at the same time all too mind-boggling. Sure I live in rural Texas where cowboys still exist, farming and ranching is the largest business and a spit cup is common place in trucks and offices. All of this may seem strange to the outsider, but goes on unnoticed to us natives. Must my brethren quote Smokey and the Bandit though? In the south you are genetically disposed to enjoy this movie so I can't say anything about repeat viewings or energetically enjoying the film. But quoting it in everyday speech?

Girl of the Day:
Mandy Moore has been in the last few episode of Entourage on HBO and she is looking hot.


:P fuzzbox said...

What I can't quote, "When I get home I'm gonna slap yo momma!" What a rip.

Jaime said...

why you gotta be a hata mayn? Apple ownz u!

Ruben said...

Damn...I love me some Mandy Moore!

r martini said...

Apples suck! Their only purpose is to fall off the tree.

Big D said...

I might need to update battle of the pop princesses I forgot Mandy Moore was one. She is a much better actress then singer anyway. My feelings of loathing toward apple were fairly clear. O don't belive they are real computers, say what you will about Microsoft, I prefer the dark path. Apple users try to claim they are not the consumer whores that MS people are, but that is quite untrue. Apple machines are much more expensive and proprietary. Only unix, linux and bsd people can claim not to be consumer whores.

Big D said...

I guess it would be ok to quote somkey as long as you didnt say "I'm linke the bandit and then preceed to quote him. That is unaccesstable,