Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Tenth Planet.

Dr. Mike Brown an uber-nerd of the extreme has discovered a 10th planet. This has been out a few days actually a couple of years, but it's just now official. I haven't heard much discussion on it so I thought I'd put my spin on it. The official planet name is 2003 UB313, but Dr. Brown gets to put a real name on it. This geek wants to name it Xena after his favorite show Xena: Warrior Princess. Maybe he wants to name on of it moons Iveneverbeenlaid, this is just sad. He has ten years to name it so maybe he will come up with something cool, but it doubtful. I thought today I would try and get some reader participation, because ya'll are some funny fuckers. (That's a compliment for the new readers) We will use the same rules as NASA.

1. One Word.
2. No more then 16 characters.
3. Must be pronounceable.
4. Cannot be offensive (I believe this may be to general though. What is offensive to the average person is common place for most of you.)

Most of the planets are named after roman gods, but do not limit yourself. You can submit multiple names. Let the naming begin!


:P fuzzbox said...

Being even farther out than Pluto it is bound to be very cold and dark. So I might be tempted to name it after my wife but I will have to give it some thought.

Crazy Dan said...

I want to name is Epididamus, not sure if that is the correct spelling but the word refers to testicles in the medical dictionary. I believe that this is a great name becasue then in space you would have both balls and ass what happens if the balls ever bang against the ass, it could be an intersteller porn and thats just fucking sweet.

Big D said...

Damn Fuzzbox, that's cold!

phred said...

Sorry, man... I`m drawing a blank on this one. Can`t even think of something smartass.