Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Dumb Thieves

The problem today is people are just too damn lazy. What happen to careful planning and methodical execution? Take Brittany Leigh-Anne Smith of Georgia for instance. This southern belle decided to rob a house after grabbing some cash, checks, and credit cards the Georgia Peach then decide to call her mom for a ride home. When the victim showed up and noticed they were robbed instead of calling the police they tried a *69 and got the burglar's mother. Then they called the police and the little sweetheart was arrested. Instead of thinking about spending the loot on Krispy Kremes and McDonald's maybe she have looked into a little exercise and walked her happy ass home.

Sometimes teenagers miss crucial steps in the planning stages. Four criminal masterminds from Rochester, New York decided to hold up a patron at the local McDonald's. After an eloquent ambush and a getaway plan in place these sophisticates took to action and robbed a man of.... $2 and his breakfast meal. Investigators have yet to leak whether it was a Egg McMuffin meal or a Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit meal. These dangerous criminals are still on the loose, so CONSTANT VIGILANCE!

Maybe, part of the problem is teachers should start teaching the students and stop sleeping with the students. I know it's a novel concept, but perhaps it can revolutionize the teaching profession. Imagine teachers that did not open their legs at the site of a thirteen year old boy, but instead opened a .... Ready for it, a book. Yes, that's right a book. Intriguing! I do not know who would want to sleep with this hag, maybe she taught a special needs class, but Dana Synder Fairfax County, Virginia pleaded guilty to having sex with a minor on two occasions.

I love Microsoft and I thought this story fit perfect with todays content. Here is a big kick in the ass for all you Apple lovers. Apple is going to have to pay Microsoft ten bucks for every iPod they have sold and will sell. Bill Gates' law firm filed a patent for technology behind the hugely successful digital music player two months before Apple. The US Patent Office has ruled that Microsoft has the right to charge competitors a license fee for each iPod sold. With 21 million iPods sold you could think of Apple as Microsoft subsidiary. Sure they are incompetent and flakey, but hey it could be Novell.


Crazy Dan said...

That shit about Microsoft is just great, I think thats about Apple gets for trying to be sneaking and seeling shitty products.

Anonymous said...

All good for Microsoft I suppose, but then again they should really leave people alone for a change. Apple's a big company and they probably deserve it; but my prob with microsoft comes with the huge cost of their OS and everything that's related to them. I mean seriously...should I really have to buy 4 copies of XP if I've got four computers, if so..dont overprice the software. For all the viruses and security holes windows comes loaded with, is it really worth all the money?

Anonymous said...

I've been using microsoft products all my life and I agree with the post above. I mean, microsoft software takes a hideous amount of money off me for their software which they clearly aren't using to make it not crash every five minutes, and lets face it, the money microsoft's going to get off apple is small fish compared to their total revenue.

Anonymous said...

Nice dream, but Apple's making plans to ditch that component and replace it with their own part. Sorry M$ shill!

Right On! said...

Nice to see Microsoft still owns spokespeople... as for the person commenting on "Apple's Shitty Products"... if they're so shitty why have there been so many of their designs and products been given awards for best design, or most innovative etc.

I guess shit gets rewarded.