Monday, August 29, 2005


Well I am moving into a new place. The most important thing for me when moving in is where do I put my statue of Jesus. For you to fully understand this you must know that this statue came to me through dishonesty and sin. A few of my drinking buddies decided to go out riding around to terrorize the campus one day. Needless to say across the street of the campus is say a 4 foot statue of Jesus at a Christian Store being drunk they thought it would make a good addition to their room. Fast forward to the next day I went to the room and found them to be supertious, scared, and distressed because in the middle of their room was a 4 foot concrete Jesus. Drinking must give you super human strength because this thing is heavy. So the only solution to their problem it seemed was go out and throw Jesus away. Well I just could not let them do that so I saved Jesus. That's right not only does Jesus save Crazy Dan saves too. Well that's the back story of why I have a Stolen 4 foot concrete statue of Jesus. However my roommate refuses to allow me to put Jesus in the front of his house but he has a Dragon Statue on his fireplace showing it off like some God Totem. But we compromised and placed Jesus on the corner of the porch to watch over the house. So burglars beware the house of Crouching Dragon Hidden Jesus.


Master Foley said...

that is shameless
and I like it

Big D said...

Who's your buddy!