Friday, August 12, 2005

I Wanna Rock!

You know you're doing something right when you starting getting comments like this. "Encouraging violence towards women, glorifying and encouraging criminal activity and completely devoid of valuable content. Wish you a Darwin Award." Obviously this isn't a Mommy and Daddy blog where I talk about the inane bullshit of my offspring. Thanks for the compliment, it let me know I'm on the right track.

Last Friday I was unable to update the video and Video Code Zone was done. This week is was back up and running and I have 5 new videos for you.

At one time I had a section dedicated to music, but it didn't pan out as a daily post. O here is some music I've come across recently. I downloaded a small Tribute to Queen CD it was okay, but one song in particular was really badass. Breaking Benjamin did their take on Who Want to Live Forever. This is defiantly something you should download. The new Staind album Chapter V is decent. I like it much better then 14 Shades of Gray, but it's nowhere close to as good as Break the Cycle or Dysfunction.

I saw today where a study rated the top five and liberal cities in America. Not that I care on way or the other but their were two cities on the top conservative list that I should note. Number two on the list Lubbock, Texas 75 miles away and Number three Abilene, Texas 85 miles away. So it's easy to guess my political affiliation, but that's about as political as I like to get.

Aimless Ranter should like this post as he seems obsessed with Jessica Simpson. Simpson decided to come out with a plus size line of jeans. Her dad said "We have people 300 pounds or 90 pounds come up to Jessica and say, 'I'm just like you' ... It's not about the outside. It's what's inside." What hallmark card did he read this shit off of? Do you think people would want to see Jessica Simpson in Daisy Dukes if she was 300lbs? Maybe you crazy chubby chasers would but I cringe at the very thought.

Sometimes you're in a hurry and you forgot what you packed in your luggage. I'm sure ladies can relate with their massive purses, which contain a little bit of everything in the known world. So when Charles Alfred Dreyling Jr. try to board a Delta Airline he was calmly asked about the PIPE BOMB in his luggage. Dreyling said he had forgot it was in there. He later told investigators he made bombs for recreation and had recently set off several devices with friends in rural Oklahoma. Now some of you may think why the hell would anyone make a pipe bomb for recreation? Well he is from Oklahoma so you should automatically think redneck and in truth he maybe telling it like it is, although I have problems with rednecks being smart enough to do this. So now poor Charles has to think of other reaction activities, which I'm sure he new cellmate will gladly discuss as they make sweet, sweet love.

A few posts ago we had a 1000 years of power with the Michigan Knight. Now I bring you DRAGONS.

That's right bitches, not Laughing at my sword collection now are you! That proof is brought to you by The Epoch Times.

I would like to say happy birthday to Kermit the Frog who turns fifty next month. Some doubted the lecherous frog would not last to fifty, but you showed them all Kermit! Kermit's heart still seems to be healthy and strong, even after all these years of eating pork.


Big D said...

That kermit pic turned of perfect! I think I might try and make that a background next week. I'll catch ya'll later - Monday. Have a great weekend!

Crazy Dan said...

Well screw you some of us like full figured women.

Ruben said...

Great photo!