Tuesday, August 09, 2005

GOTD: Michelle Marsh

Making the GOTD from page 3 is more difficult then I thought. Not so much that I can't find pictures or even that is tough to choose, but that it's tricky to find pictures where the girls are not topless. I did make a promise not put nudity on the blog and I try when possible to keep my word. So keeping with the theme today's GOTD is Michelle Marsh. The buxom blonde from Oldham, Lancashire, England. You'll notice today I tried a new effect on the wallpaper I like to call it the sin city effect where it is black and white, but the eye color is brought out. I just learned it, thought it was cool and remeber all my GOTD's are also wallpapers just click the image to see the larger size 1024 x 768.


:P fuzzbox said...

What not even any nips in the background. What a rip!!!

Big D said...

I gave you nips in the last background.