Thursday, August 11, 2005

Just another Thursday.

Bruce Taylor an Oklahoma man with a whooping 55 pounds of panties and a love for granny panties, was caught and beaten last night. When Bruce attempted to rob the same house for the fifth consecutive night a husband and wife team were ready. A trap including a coffee cup, a piece of string and a bra was employed to nab this panty raider. The husband then used the leg of a baby cradle to beat the crotch sniffer into submission. Bruce now faces 20 year in prison, where finally his panty obsession will be rewarded with sweet, sweet love making.

Sure I can make fun of Tara Reid and show examples of what whoring and alcohol can do you to you, but I know my readers like to go whoring and drinking and who doesn't?

I personally don't like drinking in the sun during the middle of the day. It each one's own though.

The Price was wrong for this byatch as Samantha Steele was fired from The Price as Right Australia for being too sexy. Yes the Barker beauty was found to be just entirely to slutty after raunchy internet pictures of her were found. The Search is on!

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mauser*girl said...

I just now saw that you reviewed me! ^^ Thank you. I gave you a review as well.