Monday, August 22, 2005

Hulk Hogan the Real American

It's a slow news day only one real article that I thought was worthy to comment on. Sure there was something about a hobbyist and his enthusiasm for growing weed and a Hindu Hugging Saint in India that escaped being stabbed. But no real one liner's came to me on these stories like the one of Ashlee. So instead of I thought I'd talk about something I heard on Sirius radio this weekend. I think it was Covino and Rich on Maxim who started this topic, that way I don't get labeled a plagiarizer. They were talking about who should run for president in '08. We know Hillary will run, but who will the Republican Party nominee and will there be an independent candidate? Along with Rich from Maxim Radio I am here by giving my full support to a Hogan - Slaughter presidency. That's right Hulk Hogan is the leader of the future. We are talking about a man that single handedly took down the iron curtain and put an ass whipping to the mullah of the Middle East the Iron Sheik. That's not to mentioning taking on Eastern Communism by leg dropping Mr. Fuji. Yes, Hulk Hogan has an exemplary resume and when you include his taking on "Giant" problems and body slamming them. You get what no one thought possible, you get a real American. Then think of the second in charge a real American hero, Sergeant Slaughter. If knowing is half the battle then consider the war won with my main man Sergeant Slaughter.

Whatcha gonna do when the Hulkamania and Sergeant Slaughter's campaign runs wild on you!


Big D said...

Just listen to the hulksters theme song.

Big D said...

phred said...

I would like to nomminate , Lee Iacocoa for president.
We should run this country like a business. If we go to Iraq and spend 50 billion, I figure they owe us about 75 billion. If they refuse to pay it, we take at least that much oil.
Our welfare role could be eliminated .. you don`t work - you don`t eat.
If you build a sub standard highway for us.. you will come back and tear it out and rebuild it. At your own expense. Or if you don`t - you and your brother in law or his wife will never do another government job - Ever.
You get the idea.
So, Big D , as much as I value your opinion..I have to disagree with your choice for P & VP. I would , however, favor Hulk Hogan as Secretary of Defense !

Master Foley said...

Hulk out

Master Foley