Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Stars and Their Crazy Sexual Antics.

Kelly Clarkson has a sex doll and I'd like to place an order. "So many people have told me to sell her on eBay, but it freaks me out what people would do with her. She has my face, so I'm protective. I don't want her to get sexually violated." Don't worry Kelly I will not violate it, but make sweet, sweet love to it. What it's not Clarkson, but Kelly Carlson? Who the hell is Kelly Carlson?

Christina Aguilera is horrified by the deterioration in Spears' appearance. She is not the only one. Aguilera hopes that Spears will be content with motherhood, because she doubts she'll ever be a pop star again. Sure Aguilera does anal double penetration and other acts I can't imagine, but she is not the one having a 200 pound rhinoceros. Aguilera promoting her new movie Dirty Sanchez and the Pearl Necklace had this to say. "She's let herself go. I can't see a comeback on the cards." Plus, those panties do not match her dress. Awww, Christina always accessorizing.

We have Big Brother in America, and I might watch it more if things like this happened. Too bad there is no way this will happen on network television. A housemate Kinga asked housemates Craig and Anthony whether she should put the wine bottle "up her fanny". Craig began laughing in disbelief while Anthony, uncomfortable with the situation told her to stop. Afterwards Kinga said "I can't believe I just done that. I didn't give a shit". Kinga then exclaimed "I'm going to go right now and masturbate on the grass" while taking the wine bottle with her. Kinga then lay on the grass with the bottle, while a shocked Anthony watched from the living room and neither dipshit offered her a hand, where did they learn their manners? Here is a link to the video, hope you don't get crabs by watching it.


Altaf said...

Kinga is my friends cousin, her family were not very happy when she done that!

I hope she wins on friday just to piss everyone off :D

Big D said...

I bet they weren't you'll have to let u know how it turns out.

Ruben said...

Brit does look a little rough! Kevin will leave her...wait a minute...she supports his shoe habit! He will stay!

phred said...

Kinga seems like some kind of FREAK !!
Not hot or sexy AT ALL...just freaky.

Rhys said...

Kinga was actually one of my favourite housemates, because she just seemed so fun, so strong, and had a charming lack of vanity. Okay, the last point may have been viewed as shameless, but she had a good heart (looking after Eugene once Derek left) and, maybe if she entered the house from the beginning, she probably would of done better than fourth.

Then again, she will be remembered for the bottle incident :S